CE 30160: Civil Engineering Materials

Getting Started

To access information to complete your assignment, begin on the Engineering Library homepage at:  http://engineering.library.nd.edu/

Use the search box in the upper right corner to find books on your subject.  Search example:  green building materials

Brief records will be displayed. Make note of the Call number and location of books you are interested in.

Also on that page you will find the best databases to use to search for articles.

Begin with the "Quick search for Civil Engineering" which you can navigate to from the center column of the homepage in the area entitled, "Find resources by subject" under the "Civil" link. You may use the following link to go directly to that page: http://www.library.nd.edu/subjects/engineering_civil

Or watch this YouTube video to see how it works! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwwM4460TjE