ARCH 53311: Issues in Sacred Architecture


The Architecture Library houses valuable resources that will enhance your research and study of Sacred Architecture.  This guide will show you step-by-step how to conduct your research and, more specifically, how to search for information on Sacred Architecture.

Beginning your research:

First choose the building you wish to research.  Explore your topic and develop a strategy for finding information. What are the most important aspects? These ideas become your 'keywords' to search with. For researching an architect, the architect’s name is your keyword. For researching a style or movement, that name would be the keyword to start with. It is important to start broadly and then to narrow your search process.

When researching a particular building it is important to note that not all buildings have books. You should always start your search with the name of your building.  After that you will need to broaden your search with the name of the architect, if known, and then the name of the city or country your building is in. 

It is helpful to create a chart that describes all aspects of what you are looking for.  This can easily be achieved by a search on Wikipedia or another Internet source. 

Example: Searching for a specific building

Architect's Name: Leon Battista Alberti
Building Name: Malatesta Temple
Alternate Names: Tempio Malatestiano, Church of San Francesco at Rimini
Location: Rimini, Italy
Associated Names: Sigismondo Malatesta (patron), Pope Pius II, Isotta degli Atti
Associated Architects/Artists: Matteo de'Pasti, Piero della Francesca, Agostino di Duccio
Other Keywords: engaged columns, triumphal arch

Once you have your keywords follow these steps:

  1. Search the Notre Dame Library Catalog for books
  2. Look for articles on your topic
  3. Look for images
  4. Cite your sources
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