FIN 70650: Fixed Income Securities (Reilly)

Sources of Bond Information


1. Mergent BondViewer

  • Provides access to evaluative data on U.S. taxable and municipal fixed-income bond markets
  • Ratings and Ratings history from Moody's®, Standard & Poor's®, and Fitch®
  • 'Advanced Search' feature lets you build a list of bonds based on certain criteria

Screen shot from Mergent BondViewer


2. Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

  • Select the ‘Companies’ tab at the top of the screen, then look for the ‘Bonds’ section on the left, and select the ‘Bond Screener’
  • Focus is on S&P-rated bonds
  • Can export data

Screen shot from S&P NetAdvantage Bond Screener

Screen shot from S&P NetAdvantage Bond Screener


3. FRED ®

  • Federal Reserve Economic Data, a database of 22,126 U.S. economic time series
  • Can download data in Microsoft Excel and text formats and view charts of data series







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