IIPS 20731: Christian Ethics, Technology, and War




To get your feet wet or to gain an overview of a particular issue, you might want to start by looking up your area of interest in a subject specific encyclopedia. We have two collections online on the "Virtual Reference" page under "Encyclopedias."




As with almost all topics, the best place to begin searching for books is in the Libraries' Catalog.

However, Peace Studies is a highly interdiciplinary or multidisciplinary discipline. Our library holdings for some disciplines are excellent while for others they are "adequate." In addition, since conflict may arise anywhere at anytime and since no one can buy every book on every potential conflict, you might want to use WorldCat to supplement our collections. WorldCat lists the holdings of almost all libraries in the United States and many national libraries around the world. If you find a title on your topic in WorldCat, you can use the FindText link to initiate an Interlibrary Loan request and we will borrow the item from another library -- at no cost to you.



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