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Passport GMID

  • Demographic, economic and marketing statistics for 200+ countries worldwide.
  • Contains market size data for more than 330 consumer products
  • Search for 'milk' in upper right corner; Drinking Milk Products 


ProQuest Statistical Datasets

  • Select: Food and Agriculture > Food Availability per Capita > Dairy Products> [select the type]. There are a whole variety of milks.
  • Also look at EASI Market Planner> Consumer Expenditures - Food 2009 and from the "Item" box look at "Dairy products ($000).
  • Also look at EASI> Consumer Spending Analytics > Market Summary > Total Market and look at "Average annual expenditures - Food - Food At Home - Dairy Products > Fresh milk, all types. 

Easy Analytic Software Inc. provides access to a variety of data at various geographic levels such as National, State, county, tract and zip code. Not ALL data is available at all geography levels. When logged select "Customize Data" to “Create a customized table and chart from Statistical Datasets.” This portion of Lexis Nexis contains a variety of data including from Mediamark


  • “Citations” tab in Datasets gives the source of the data as well as a citation in APA, MLA or Chicago style. (Use BIC Citation Style Guide to see examples of how to cite Datasets and other BIC resources.)  
  • When you "Export" data from Datasets to Excel, hold down the “ctrl” key until Excel actually opens. 

Mintel Oxygen

  • Milk and non-Dairy Milk - US - April 2012 : Milk processors face an uphill battle, including the dominance of private labels; consumer concerns over the presence of growth hormones in non-organic milk; fluctuations in commodity prices; supply shortages for organic milk; and growing consumer concern about the safety of animal products in general. With that long list of challenges, plus the commodity image branded milk has with many consumers, the market has few growth opportunities even though consumers continue
  • Note: you will need to register for this product. Use your ND e-mail address not anything else and create a NEW password -- DO NOT use your NetID password. This password is stored on Mintel's server and you do not wish them to know your local password. In addition, the contract with Mintel prohibits your sharing the report with any 3rd party. You MAY summarize and footnote, and recreate the charts and tables and footnote.  


    • 31151 - Dairy Product Production in the US - Industry Report 

    Business Insights: Essentials

    I would use the "Advanced Search" and the "Content Area: Rankings" to find Business Rankings for "Dean Foods,' for example (Keyword Search). This will get you several sources of ranking information. You may use other keywords -- such as the name of competitors/companies and get other rankings. 
    • 3115 - Dairy Product Manufacturing (Datamonitor reports) 



    Using the search mode, I try and find articles about a concept, brand name, product name, etc. For example “raging cow” was a product name. If possible I try to limit my area to an “industry” e.g.: Dairy Products. Click on the blue up arrow. This places a Dairy Products code (i.e. in = i413) in the search box. Next add a connector "and" and your next search term such as "Raging Cow” Change the "Date" to "all available dates"... browse results. When I review the results I look at them within the "frames" view -- chick on "frames" on the right hand side of the screen. Two columns will open -- the results list in the left frame and the actual article in the right. In the right frame is use the "Keywords in Context" view -- this can be selected from the "View as" pull down.  Click on the next title allows you to quickly scan the results.


    U.S.D.A. Economic Research Service. Datasets


    Gives food availability (per capita) data.

    Mergent Horizon


    Contains company descriptions, stock price performance, and financial data. Allows users to perform industry comparisons and peer-group analyses, evaluate a company's business based on its products and services, and identify its competitors, major customers, suppliers and partners. Covers all companies actively traded on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges.

    Lexis Nexis

    Mergent Online

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