IRST 40530: Wilde and Synge: Art as Subversion

Texts by Wilde and Synge

Find texts in the Library using the catalog.  Most books by J. M. Synge are at PR 5533 or in that general area, on the 4th floor, north of the elevators.

Most books by Oscar Wilde are also on the 4th floor, at PR 5812 and PR 5823.

In addition to browsing the shelves, it is a good idea to check the catalog as some texts may be in different areas, e.g. history or the Rare Books Department.

Texts online:


Oscar Wilde's works are published on CELT: Scroll down the page of published texts in English.

Selected Poems by John Millington Synge

LION: Literature Online contains a number of texts by Synge, including the following plays:.

Deirdre of the Sorrows (1910)

The Playboy of the Western World (1907)

Riders to the Sea (1905)

The Shadow of the Glen (1905)

The Tinker's Wedding (1907)

The Well of the Saints (1905)

The Internet Archive  ( is also a good source for digitized texts that are in the public domain (out of copyright).


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