IRLL 30112: Poetry in Irish since the Revival

Modern Irish Literary Criticism

Articles on Irish language literature are not always easy to find.  The most useful online sources are likely to be the MLA Bibliography and JSTOR.

MLA Bibliography
This is an index to articles and books on language and literature.  Coverage of Irish language and literature is constantly expanding.  The indexing is quite thorough, and so it can be searched using subject keywords. While the Bibliography does not include full text, links are provided if the article is available in full text elsewhere.

This is a database, or collection of journals online.  To search, words that appear in the text must be used, but search terms can be specified as occurring in the "full-text", the title, the author's name, or the abstract.

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Irish Literary Criticism: Books

Seamus Deane, ed. The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, vols. I, II and III.   1991.  PB 1345 .F53 1991

Angela Bourke, ed.  The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing: vols. IV and V: Irish Women's Writing and Traditions.  2002.  PB 1345 .F53 2002

Margaret Kelleher and Philip O'Leary (ed.).  The Cambridge History of Irish Literature.   2 vols.  2006.  PB 1306 .C36 2006.
In addition to a circulating copy and a reference copy (for reading in the library) this book is part of the Cambridge Histories Online.

Matthew Campbell (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Contemporary Irish Poetry.
PR 8771 C35 2003.

Declan Kiberd.  Irish Classics.  2001.  PR 8714 K54 2001b

The Pleasures of Gaelic Literature.  1977.  PB 1336 P57 1977,

Seán Ó Tuama (ed.) Repossessions: Selected Essays on the Irish Literary Heritage.  1995.  PB 1331 .O37 1995.


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