IRLL 000: The Best are Leaving: Researching the Cultural History of Emigration to Britain in the 1950s

Recommended Reading

Readings recommended for all seminar participants are as follows:
(Available in the Reserve Book Room in the Hesburgh Library)

M. J. Molloy. 'The Bachelor's Daughter' and 'The Wood of the Whispering':

Selected Plays of M. J. Molloy / chosen and with an introduction by Robert O'Driscoll. 
Reserves: PR 6025 .O208 A6 1998 (2 hour loan).

John B. Keane.  Hut 42.
Reserves: PR 6021 .E2 H6 1968 (2 hour loan).

John A. O'Brien (ed.)  The Vanishing Irish: The Enigma of the Modern World. London, 1954.
Reserves: HB 3589 O27 1954 (2 hour loan).
Essays recommended by Professor Wills:

John A. O'Brien: 'The Irish Enigma', p. 7
John A. O'Brien: 'The Vanishing Irish', p. 15
John A. O'Brien: 'Disappearing Irish in America', p. 82
Seán Ó Faoláin: 'Love among the Irish', p. 105
Bryan MacMahon: 'Getting on the High Road Again', p. 202
John A. O'Brien: 'The Road Ahead', p. 220

The Limerick Rural Survey 1958-1964 edited by Rev. Jeremiah Newman.  Tipperary, 1964.
Reserves HN 398 .L732 N5




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