ENGL 90611: Knowledge and Belief in Melville's America

Primary Sources

American Periodicals Series Online

                For proximity searching use w/[n] , e.g., to retrieve texts that speak of Melville within twenty words of Emerson, enter:  Melville w/20 emerson. 


British Periodicals Online

                For proximity searching use near/[n], e.g. religious near/30 skeptic* and perhaps a date range.


HATHITrust Digital Library

                Contains the full text of some of the twenty million books in the Google.Books project. Unfortunately they do not provide for proximity searching.


Department of Special Collections

               For first editions by Melville or his contemporaries, use the library’s catalog, go to Advanced Search, enter author=Melville and location = Hesburgh special collections.

               For antebellum manuscrips:  http://www.rarebooks.nd.edu/digital/early_american/index.shtml

               For Civil War manuscripts: http://www.rarebooks.nd.edu/digital/civil_war/index.shtml

Sabin Americana, 1500-1926

"Based on Joseph Sabin's landmark bibliography, Bibliotheca Americana: A Dictionary of Books Relating to America from Its Discovery to the Present Time.


Victorian Literature: A Research Guide

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