POLS 10100: American Politics

CQ American Political Reference

CQ researcher: Covers the most current and controversial issues of the day with summaries, pros and cons, bibliographies and more, with a United States focus. Includes news covered in print issues of: Editorial research reports (1924-1986), Congressional quarterly's editorial research reports (1987-1991) and CQ researcher (1991-).

CQ weekly:  In-depth reports on issues looming on the congressional horizon, plus a complete wrap up the previous week's news, including the status of bills in play, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, committee and floor activity, debates and all roll-call votes.

Congress and the Nation: The definitive source for actions of the U.S, Congress since 1945. Contains policy analysis, key votes and legislative history. 

The Encyclopedia of Political Science :This definitive encyclopedia provides comprehensive coverage of the central ideas, concepts, and frameworks underlying the study of politics around the world. Contains political theories & concepts, research frameworks and international politics.

Encyclopedia of U.S. Political History : Explore the people, policies, ideas, and institutions that created and shaped political life in the U.S. from 1500 to the present. Contains data on  people and policy, key institutions, social movements and political ideas.

Guide to Congress:  History • Organization & function • Powers & procedures. Facts, figures, and analysis on every aspect of the U.S. Congress and how it works.

Guide to Political Campaigns in America: Election procedures • Types of campaigns • Case studies. A complete analysis of American political campaigns, including people, processes, races, and issues.

Guide to the Presidency and the Executive Branch: Analytical essays • Biographies • Extensive reference materials. A guide to the structure and operations of the executive branch and the president's relationship with Congress and the Supreme Court.

Guide to U.S. Elections: History of U.S. elections • Source of rich data • Analysis of voter turnout.Thorough historical and statistical coverage of every major aspect of federal and gubernatorial elections in the U.S.

Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court: History of the Court • Cases and controversies • Justice biographies. A complete and thorough overview of every aspect of the Supreme Court.

Politics in America: Congressional profiles • Voting records • District maps. Lively, unbiased profiles and assessments of every member of Congress.

Supreme Court Yearbook: Case summaries • Term overviews • Key case analyses. Essential coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court - updated yearly since 1989.

Vital Statistics on American Politics: Elections & political parties • Public opinion & voting • Downloadable data. The complete, authoritative, data-rich resource on the full-spectrum of U.S. politics.

Washington Information Directory: Federal agencies • NGOs • Downloadable contact information. Essential guide to key contacts at government and nongovernmental organizations.

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