FTT 30901: Race and the American Theatre

Theatre Reviews Intro

Searching for theatre reviews can be a long process especially if you are not prepared with the basic components from the play you are studying.  You can narrow your search, in most cases, by knowing the playwright, the title, and the time period of the production before you go to the various resources. 

In some instances, however, you will want to find all of the plays done during a certain year, or all of the plays by a certain theatre, etc.  Those larger searches will, naturally, encompass more time and searching but will still use the same skills whether in print or electronic. 

When searching print materials remember to look for an index.  Try searching for the playwright's name, the play, or the theatre.  Obviously, the further away from the actual play you get the less chance there will be of you finding a review for your particular play. 

For online sources remember that there tends to be a search syntax.  Use the Advanced Search features when possible but also remember these tips:  Truncation of words is often indicated by an asterisk (*) so automobile becomes auto* and all variations will now be searched in the database.  Phrase searching is another good tool and is often indicated via double quotation marks (" ") i.e. "auto search". The last kind of search is the wildcard so you are indicating that you are not sure what might follow.  Generally, this is indicated by a "?" i.e. aut? 

Don't forget to make use of the facets and/or drop down menus for years/categories either.  However, if you are using these categories and not receiving any hits clear everything and start from scratch then narrow your results.  You could be narrowing things too far...

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