MNA 65104: Crisis and Community

Local Information

Sources of local information on emergency services.

St. Joseph County:

South Bend, Indiana:

South Bend Tribune:

Lexis Nexis Academic provides access to newspaper articles from the South Bend Tribune from 1994 to the present.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security provides information for responders and managers on a variety of topics.

Demographic/Statistical Information

Census data and results from the American Community Survey can provide information on age and language:

  • American FactFinder: Basic Demographics, including age and language information.
    • Search St. Joseph County, Indiana in search box
    • AGE is available under "Population, Age, Sex, Race, Households and Housing ..."
    • Language is available under "Education, Marital Status, Relationships, Fertility, Grandparents ..."
  • American FactFinder Advanced Search option:Estimates on number of people with hearing impairments.
    • Select "topics" then "disability"
    • Type St. Joseph County, Indiana in "State, County, or Place" search box.
    • Select table S1810 "Disability Characteristics"

Other sources of demographic information:

Fire/disaster statistics:

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