FTT 30101: History of the Film I


The Hesburgh library houses many valuable resources for your research and study of film history topics.  This guide is intended to demonstrate the steps in conducting your research.

Beginning your research:

As you decide on your topic you want to explore the various angles and develop a strategy for locating the information.  What aspect do you want to focus on?  What is the most important element of the topic?  By answering these, and other pertinent, questions you can develop several “keywords” with which to begin your search.  For example, when you are interested in a particular director their name can be used as a “keyword.”  If you are researching a particular film the title would then become your “keyword.”  Remember to try and start more broadly with your search so that you can narrow and refine the topic as you achieve results. 

You might consider creating a list of viable keywords to begin your search as a way of tracking the process.  For example, a search on Alfred Hitchcock:

                Name:                  Alfred Hitchcock

                Films:                    Psycho, The 39 Steps, The Man Who Knew Too Much, etc.

                Dates:                   1899-1980

                Other names:        Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, Sir Alfred Hitchcock

                Roles:                    Director, Producer, Actor, Writer, etc.

Once you have developed a list of keywords you can follow these steps:

  • Search the ND Catalog for books and/or films
  • Look for articles pertaining to your topic
  • Search for reviews, when applicable, on your topic
  • Search other resources for your topic.
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