BIOS 30475: Laboratory Animal Science

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Animal rights
Animal welfare
Animal experimentation
Laboratory animals—law and legislation
Animal testing alternatives
Animal models in research
Human animal relationships

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Alternatives to animal testing
RA1199.4.A46 A48 2006
Hesburgh General Collection

Animal experimentation: a guide to the issues
HV 4915 M65 2000
Hesburgh General Collection

Animal rights movement in the United States, 1975-1990: an annotated bibliography
HV 4764 M369 1994
Hesburgh General Collection

Animals in space: from research rockets to the space shuttle
QH327. B87 2007
Hesburgh General Collection

Companion animals in human health
RC 931 A65 1998
Hesburgh General Collection

Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals
SF 406.3 I578 1996
Hesburgh General Collection

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare
SF 406 W64 1994
Hesburgh General Collection

Inevitable bond: examining scientist-animal interactions
QL 55.I44 1992
Hesburgh General Collection

What animals want: expertise and advocacy in laboratory animal welfare policy
HV 4915.C37 2004
Hesburgh General Collection

Why animal experimentation matters: the use of animals in medical research
R853 A53 W47 2001
Hesburgh General Collection

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