FTT 41602: Sinatra

Finding Recordings and Films

The Hesburgh Library houses many valuable tools for your research in the study of film in a variety of topics, in this instance, Frank Sinatra.  One of the first areas in the library you will want to become familiar with is the Audio Video Center on the Second floor of the library.

The Audio Video Center houses the library's media materials: CDs, DVDs, LPs, etc.  So when you are preparing for your research this is where you will have to go to obtain them. 

How do I find recordings or films?

From the library's home page you will see a search box.  This box is called a "quick search" and will search the entire catalog regardless of format.  Try not to use this box.  Instead, if you look just below this box you will see a hyperlink entitled "Advanced Catalog Search"--Click here. 

The "Advanced Catalog Search" tab opens up many more possibilities for your search and allows you to limit your search by format.  When searching for recordings and films this is the better search to make. 

  • For recordings: under limit choose: "Sound Recordings (CDs, Cassettes, etc.)"
  • For films: under limit choose: "Visual (Films & Videos)"
  • Then choose to add your title or a name search by Sinatra

When searching by Sinatra be sure to choose the following option: "All Authors -Person as Author, Editor, Artist" or all of his films, recordings, etc. will not show up correctly.  It is one of those strange quirks of cataloging.

Please keep in mind as you do your research:

  • Materials located in the Audio Video Center do not circulate and must be viewed in the library.
  • You will need your student ID to be able to view films or listen to recordings at the AV center.
  • The hours of the AV center can be found here

One further possibility for recordings is the library's online holdings.  Currently the library subscribes to three databases that do contain a limited number of Sinatra's works.  These online databases are accessible easily from on-campus and from off-campus through the proxy server with your netID and password.

  • American Song--Tens of thousands of song tracks from American life including every ethnic group and time period.
  • Jazz Music Library --Thousands of Jazz recordings from artists all over the world spanning the beginning of Jazz to today.
  • Naxos Music Library --Thousands of recordings from many different genres of music.  Some labels associated with Sinatra are blacked out due to licensing disputes with Naxos.

You can also find these databases through the Library's home page and then choosing from the "Subject page" list "Music."  They will be listed under the tab "Recordings."

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