EDU 43640: Educational Research Seminar

Online Sources

Encyclopedia of Education - Provides short articles on many topics related to education, for example, No Child Left Behind, and Bilingual Education.

Encyclopedia of School Psychology -Contains information on school psychology, including learning, motivation, assessment, and more.

Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education - Includes information on the societal forces that have an impact on education, such as race, class, and gender.  This resource includes articles on contemporary issues in Catholic schools, the achievement gap, educational anthropology, and more.

Child Development - An encyclopedia that covers all aspects of child development including research on social, emotional, cognitive development and behavior.  Appendices include statistical information on such issues as drug use, access to health care, and reading achievement.

New Catholic Encyclopedia - This encyclopedia includes many entries on issues related to Catholic education and written from a Catholic point of view.  Entries include such topics as Academic Freedom, Philosophy of Education, and Ex Corde Ecclesiae.



Background Information

Before starting a library research project, it is useful to find background information on your topic. Reference sources can help you identify keywords and major researchers in an area.  They can also direct you to relevant books an articles on a topic.  

Educational Research: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Approaches - LB 1028 .J59 2008, Reference Collection, 1st floor, Hesburgh Library. An in-depth guide to conducting research in education.

Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development - LB 15 .E473 2005, Reference Collection, 1st floor, Hesburgh Library.  Covers human development and learning from the educational, psychological, sociological, philosophical, and legal points of view.

School Figures: The Data Behind the Debate LB 2846 .S54 2003, Reference Collection, 1st floor, Hesburgh Library. Provides data related to teachers, achievement, expenditures, school reform, students, and their families.

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