DESN 41108: Intermediate Web Design

Reports & resources

Reports in higher education on the prevalence and importance of data visualization:

The 2010 Horizon Report lists data visualization as an important technology set to make an impact in mainstream education. The report lists several very good resources for data visualization.

EDUCAUSE has two reports: "7 Things You Should Know About Visual Data Analysis I" and "7 Things You Should Know About Visual Data Analysis II"

28 Rich Data Visualization Tools

Digital Research Tools Wiki - Data Visualization


This is the library resources page accompaniment to Intermediate Web Design.

See the related resource guide Finding Data & Statistics for more information on how to access the library's data resources.

Data visualization blogs & websites - Ben Fry wrote your Visualizing Data book. Some of his own work is featured here and he blogs ocassionally about data visualization and related themes. - Nathan Yau highlights good and bad visualizations on the web. - Michael Driscoll focuses on large-scale data. - Junk Charts is interesting and some of them are good examples of how not to visualize data, but there are no hard and fast rules.

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