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Civil Engineering Government Information

Government documents, including federal, state and international documents, are located in the lower level of the Hesburgh (Main) Library (map).

Government documents can be found in the catalog using the government publications search.  Government documents are arranged by the Superintendant of Documents classification. Additionally there are a number of government agencies, etc. that have lots of reports and information for the public on water, pollution, climate change, etc.:

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
"The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment....  EPA's purpose is to ensure that [among other things]:  all parts of society -- communities, individuals, businesses, and state, local and tribal governments -- have access to accurate information sufficient to effectively participate in managing human health and environmental risks...."

USGS (U.S. Geological Survey)
"The USGS is a science organization that provides impartial information on the health of our ecosystems and environment, the natural hazards that threaten us, the natural resources we rely on, the impacts of climate and land-use change, and the core science systems that help us provide timely, relevant, and useable information."

NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association)
"NOAA is an agency that enriches life through science. Our reach goes from the surface of the sun to the depths of the ocean floor as we work to keep citizens informed of the changing environment around them....  NOAA’s dedicated scientists use cutting-edge research and high-tech instrumentation to provide citizens, planners, emergency managers and other decision makers with reliable information they need when they need it."

National Academy of Sciences Publications of the National Academy of Sciences
"The NAS is an honorific society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific and engineering research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology and to their use for the general welfare.....  Most of the institution's science policy and technical work is conducted by its operating arm, the National Research Council (NRC)....  The NRC enlists committees of the nation's top scientists, engineers, and other experts, all of whom volunteer their time to study specific concerns."

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency offers a variety of critical geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) products in support of U.S. national security objectives and natural disasters including aeronautical, geodesy, hydrographic, imagery, targeting information and topographical.

Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management (a state specific example)

St. Joseph River Watershed (a site-specific example)



USGS Map Print-On-Demand Service 

The U.S. Geological Survey map printing service is provided by the Frontline Services unit in support of the curriculum and research needs of University of Notre Dame students, faculty, staff and the local community, as guaranteed by public law (Title 44 United States Code). All other large scale printing is available at FedEx Kinkos on and off campus.

University of Notre Dame community requests should be submitted via the Map Request form. Non-Notre Dame community members may request map printing at the First Floor Information Service desk. We ask that requests be limited to five (5) requests within a 48 hour period. However, special permission for a larger number of requests may be granted by a Frontline Services staff member – contact the department (574-631-6318 or for further assistance with large requests or questions. During periods of high demand, requests will be processed in the order they are received. Typical map requests are available within 24 hours of request submission.

Publications & Data:

  • National Geologic Map Database
    Search this USGS database for geologic, geophysical, geochemical, geochronologic, and paleontologic maps and information.
  • Publications Warehouse
    Search citations for over 70,000 USGS publications. Citations are linked to online content, where available. Browse lists of recent publications. Check availability, price, and purchase options for publications.
  • Publications Warehouse Browse Content by Series
    Browse citations or online content by series. See percentage of series that has been digitized.
  • USGS Digital Maps & Data
    General information about the USGS's digital data, and specific information about datasets such as DRG, DEM, DLG, DOQ, the National Atlas of the United States, NHD, NED, Landcover data, and more.
  • USGS Geographical Data Download
    Free USGS DLG, DEM, LULC, and NLCD data in SDTS format for all states for download.
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