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We now have trial access to SAGE Stats

Trial ends January 23, 2015

SAGE Stats provides extensive social science data covering geographies within the United States and spans topics such as healthcare, crime, education, employment, religion, and government finances. Use the built-in data visualization tools or export the raw data for analysis in your statistical software of choice.


  • You must be on a Notre Dame IP address to access the database
  • The trial ends January 23, 2015

Please send any feedback on this database to the Economics Librarian,



Data and statistics -- what's the difference? 
Datasets are sets of raw numbers that need to be manipulated to produce information. Statistics have already been analyzed to produce specific bits of information -- a table, a graph, a chart, a percentage.

What are data services?
I help students and faculty find and use data in various social science disciplines. I'm available for class instruction as well as consulting one-on-one in person or via e-mail.

Computing Resources

Check the OIT's page for Windows and Mac software currently loaded in the Clusters.

The Center for Digital Scholarship has a wide range of software on its machines, including Stata SE 13, SAS, Stat Transfer, and ArcGIS.

See also the software available in the Center for Social Research statistical computing lab.


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