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We now have access to Statista

Statista provides access to statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries

Looking for a digital repositories for research data?  Try Databib.

Databib, developed by librarians at Purdue University, can be used to find a repository to store your own data, or help you locate research data that others have created. 

From their website:

Databib attempts to address these needs for the research community, including:

  • data users
  • data producers
  • publishers and professional societies
  • librarians
  • research funding agencies


Data and statistics -- what's the difference? 
Datasets are sets of raw numbers that need to be manipulated to produce information. Statistics have already been analyzed to produce specific bits of information -- a table, a graph, a chart, a percentage.

What are data services?
I help students and faculty find and use data in various social science disciplines. I'm available for class instruction as well as consulting one-on-one in person or via e-mail.

Computing Resources

Check the OIT's page for Windows and Mac software currently loaded in the Clusters.

The Center for Digital Scholarship has a wide range of software on its machines, including Stata SE 13, SAS, Stat Transfer, and ArcGIS.

See also the software available in the Center for Social Research statistical computing lab.


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