Researching Spanish and Latin American Literature

Article Indexes and Abstracts

Article Indexes and Abstracts

There are many more scholarly articles than scholarly books available to you. They are more difficult to find since they are published within journals. Fortunately, the most important journals are included in the following article indexes, so that you can find the articles that are appropriate to your assignment.

MLA International Bibliography
Coverage: 1963-
Description: Provides indexing to literature, language, linguistics, and folklore in nearly 2,000 journals and series as well as covering relevant monographs, working papers, proceedings, bibliographies, etc.
This is the most important index for Spanish and Latin American literature.

Hispanic American Periodical Index
Description: Provides access to tables of contents for hundreds of journals, primarily in the humanities and social sciences, published in Latin America; Web database with search by journal and article and browse by country.

Bibliografía de la Literatura Española desde 1980
Description: Provides citations to publications appearing in all languages on Spanish literature, literary theory, and literary genres from books, periodical articles, critical editions of literary works, book reviews, bibliographies, and conference proceedings.

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