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Software to easily import or add citations. Create and store bibliographies automatically in chosen style format.
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Free basic online citation managers, with limited functionality:  Mendeley,

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BibTeX is an open source tool and file format that works in conjunction with LaTeX documents (used in math and science). BibTeX was created for use with LateX software, but now compatabile with other software.  Widely used in math, science and engineering.  More help can be found at the MIT Libguide RefWorks with LaTeX and BibTex.


Turnitin.com : For ND Faculty

    • Investigating Possible Plagiarism

      In the Fall of 2002, the University joined Turnitin.com to provide assistance to faculty checking possible plagiarism from the internet. However, due to the very limited ways in which Turnitin had been used, the University decided to drop its institutional subscription and to provide individual licenses on an as-needed basis. Faculty members can get these individual subscriptions of Turnitin.com at the university’s expense.

      Other highly effective alternative means of detecting plagiarism include Google (simply run a search on suspect passages) and WCopyfind, a freeware program available for download at the following site: http://plagiarism.phys.virginia.edu/Wsoftware.html

      For assistance purchasing an individual license to Turnitin.com, please contact Sue Penrod, Officer Assistant in the Provost’s Office.

      Office (spenrod@nd.edu; 631–5716).

Citing Theological Sources

Library guide to Citing Theological Sources [St. Thomas University]

Vatican II Documents
Papal Encyclical Letters
Citing the Summa Theologica / Thomas Aquinas
Citing Bible Reference Sources
How to Cite the Bible
Anniversary documents commenting on and celebrating previous encyclical letters
The Catechicsm and other first use models
Canon Law
Papal Decrees
Apostolic Letters
Apostolic Exhortations



MLA Style

Used for: Literature, Liberal Arts, Humanities

Library Copy: Hesburgh Library Reference Desk LB 2369 .G53 2009.  MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. Printed 7th ed., 2009. (other copies)

Quick Guides:

APA Style

Used for: Sciences, Social Sciences.

Library copy: Hesburgh Library Reference Desk BF 76.7 .P83 2010 Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Printed 6th ed., 2010 (other copies)

Quick guides:

Chicago Manual of Style

Used for: Arts, History, Literature, Sciences

Electronic Access: Chicago Manual of Style

Library copy: Hesburgh Library Reference Desk Z 253. U69 2010. Chicago Manual of Style. Printed 16th ed., 2010 (other copies)

Quick guides:


Used for: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences.

Library Copy: Hesburgh Library Reference Desk LB 2369 .T87 2013. Turabian, Kate.  A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students and researchers. 8th ed., 2013

Quick Guides:
Citing Books
Audiovisual Media
Images & Art


Footnotes & endnotes

ASA Style Guide

Used for:  Sociology

Library Copy:  Not available at this time.

Quick Guides:

  • Quick Style Guide. American Sociological Association. 2007. American Sociological Association Style Guide. 3rd ed. Washington, DC

AAA: American Anthropological Association

As of September, 2015, the American Anthropological Association has discontinued using an independent style and now conforms to the Chicago Manual of Style.

ACS: American Chemical Society

Used for: Chemistry

Library Copy: Chem/Physics [231 Nieuwland] General Collection 
QD 8.5 .A25 2006  The ACS Style Guide. Printed 3rd. ed., 2006 (other copies)

Quick guides:

CSE: Council of Science Editors

Used for: Natural sciences, including Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

Library copy: Hesburgh Library Reference Collection T 11 .S386 2006 Scientific style and format. Printed 7th ed., 2006

Quick guides:

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